Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Lately there has been much discussion on the use of grapho-therapy. This is a very serious topic because while you can make some changes to yourself through graphology it can be hazardous as well. To change things willy nilly can make you jumpy, anxious, argumentative and a host of other things depending upon what you are changing. For example: we often tell a child with low self esteem or very timid to underline their name every time they write it even if they only write their first name. A child who was aggressive with excess pride or vanity would be even more nasty because they would be enforcing in their mind that they are as great as they think.
Handwriting can identify the defences in the writing as well as the fears that create these defences. It is the fears that need work. Once they are addressed then the defences will disappear or alter. Like psychoanalysis it is a balancing act of finding a fear, realizing why it exists and working to get rid of it. Do the wrong thing or go too fast and the fear might surface elsewhere or get worse. So grapho-therapy should only be done by someone with credentials and knowledge of psychology or psychiatry. Even then therapy should go slowly with weekly checks on progress and problems and the only time to change slant would be if the writer's slant was all over the place. The best thing at this point would be to see if one slant was prevelant and if not pick a slant that would be positive for this person. Are the connections garland? Then a slight right slant would fit. Angle connections, then an upright slant would allow them to be logical and analytical.
One change should be done at a time for 30 days writing an affirmative message that would apply to this person's goals. This should be written for 15 minutes a day and if they only finish 1 or 2 while another person writes 4 or more in the same time, fine. It wouldn't hurt to write 2 lines of a focusing pattern before starting. A focusing pattern would be one that rhythmically changes direction like a series of u's connected with a straight line or a wave pattern.
The personal pronoun I also should not be changed except under special circumstances. Then usually it will be changed to a Roman numeral I for independence.