Monday, December 31, 2007

It takes me so very long to read one of my graphology books. I tend to analyze the whole writing shown when the author used it for a specific purpose. So my books are full of post-it notes. Sometimes though what is said and the sample do not match. That is one reason graphologists often self-publish as they hope to keep these mistakes from happening. Such mistakes can be a real problem for a newbie to graphology and actually it is amazing to find people who got traits wrong when learning.
I met one lady who did not understand a k buckle. That is the portion on the right of the stem and if it is larger than the rest of the mid-zone letters it means the writer is a rebel. They will find ways to do thing their way because to them it is easier, makes more sense, or just to buck authority. I can personally attest to this one because my k buckle is usually large and I do like things my way. Also when learning to write I remember making my 5's with 1 line and the teacher never seemed to notice so I still do it. When I was doing on the job training I often told the trainee "you don't need to do things exactly as I do but this is the way I have found works best with the least mistakes". And I was the person they came to when 4 hrs of training had to be written in such a way that a person totally unfamiliar with the job could do it beginning to end with no hitches. So this rebel will continue to do things "her way".

Sunday, December 30, 2007

I quite like using fonts that look more like writing than printing and really wish more people did the same. Fonts should reflect your personality and mood just as your handwriting does. There is even software available that will try to duplicate your own writing but as these are done on a form they may not reflect your actual slant and, of course, will not reflect your mood at the time of the writing. For that the graphologist will have to rely on the content of the writing and then you receive a content analysis and not a true graphological analysis.
Content analysis is another subject that can be quite facinating as it is a form of profiling based on how a statement is worded. One of the reasons the Jon-Benet Ramsey note was thought to have been written by Patsy Ramsey were the changes through the long, long note that went from Mr Ramsey to John. The tone became its all your fault, John, now handle it!
In one class I attended we were given the statements of the people involved in a convenience store robbery. The included the manager, the clerk, the suspect, and the persons providing the alibi for the suspect. My conclusion was they all lied. Once everyone gave their reasons for their decision we were given the facts of the case. Turned out the suspect was guilty and they were all tripped up by the one naive person lying to be accepted as a part of their group. But the manager also lied and stole even more money than the robber did. He was hoping the police wouldn't question the difference in the amount reported stolen and the amount they actually found still on the suspect. Unfortunately for him they were caught before there was time to spend any of the money.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Have you ever experimented with your non-dominant hand? We did an exercise once and those of us who had childhood writing brought them to class. It was rather interesting because our childhood writings were much like the ones using the non-dominant hand. The slant was different from our usual and of course the letters were kind of squared or jerky as smooth circle letters were hard to do. Remembering how I was like as a child, wanting attention but afraid of doing wrong and being ridiculed, I would say my handwriting reflected all of this and more. Try it sometime and see what you think.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Handwriting and what it shows

My graphology teacher often said once you start studying graphology you never look at handwriting the same again. Oh how true that was, I find myself analyzing any scrap of handwriting I see from the note on the lunch tab to the signature on a credit card offer.
I like to take my time and see what is there and then how the traits mitigate each other. So if someone thrusts their writing in front on my face and demands I tell them about themselves I may draw a blank. Also I do not go into detail about their relationship with their parents or with their children. For one reason that these relationships also depend upon the other person's writing and how they will react to interchanges between the two of them. I can only say how the person is according to their writing.
My absolute pet peeve tho' is the way handwriting is or, just as often, is not taught in school. All of those slinky looking traveling circles and push me pull yous were taught for control as much as to learn to write properly. Then, too, the style of writing had subconscious messages as well. When you closed the oval or circle of a's, d's, g's, and o's you were also learning to close the mouth and not speak out of turn in class. When you made nicely open looped e's it was to learn to listen and pay attention in class. Certain letters pertain to the self, others to communication, to goals etc.
Some countries are pushing printing and, unfortunately, in some parts of the USA the use of word processors or computers as they are more legible to the teachers some of whom can barely write cursive. Printing also seperates people from their emotions or feelings. Actually it is not faster because of all of the starts and stops and, believe me, is not always more legible. It was hoped, that with all of the fonts available on the computer, that people would chose the font that suited their taste and personality but, again, teachers don't always want to deal with odd fonts so will insist on the ariel or times roman usually set as the default font.