Monday, December 31, 2007

It takes me so very long to read one of my graphology books. I tend to analyze the whole writing shown when the author used it for a specific purpose. So my books are full of post-it notes. Sometimes though what is said and the sample do not match. That is one reason graphologists often self-publish as they hope to keep these mistakes from happening. Such mistakes can be a real problem for a newbie to graphology and actually it is amazing to find people who got traits wrong when learning.
I met one lady who did not understand a k buckle. That is the portion on the right of the stem and if it is larger than the rest of the mid-zone letters it means the writer is a rebel. They will find ways to do thing their way because to them it is easier, makes more sense, or just to buck authority. I can personally attest to this one because my k buckle is usually large and I do like things my way. Also when learning to write I remember making my 5's with 1 line and the teacher never seemed to notice so I still do it. When I was doing on the job training I often told the trainee "you don't need to do things exactly as I do but this is the way I have found works best with the least mistakes". And I was the person they came to when 4 hrs of training had to be written in such a way that a person totally unfamiliar with the job could do it beginning to end with no hitches. So this rebel will continue to do things "her way".

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