Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm wondering how long I will keep this up during the year. I once started a blog on yahoo 360 just for family but didn't keep it going. Then yahoo made changes so I'm not sure if it still exists. Guess I should try to find out and if so delete it.
I am passionate about my graphology which is a fancy way of saying handwriting analysis. I miss the weekly lessons we had when Ron Lauffer was alive. That Irish leprechaun made learning so much fun. I told him he needed to learn to ask questions so we knew just what he wanted. I also told him he must be a psychiatrist because he never answered a question but would ask "what do you think?". He wrote great lessons but if you think my sentences run on you should have seen his. Mary Love and I were the odd ones in class being cumulative thinkers with rounded handwriting. Everyone else had the angular writing of logical, questioning, analytical thinkers. But even they looked at each other when he would toss us a question. He spent a lot of time in the hospital and collected these tiny bottles of hot sauce which he gave out as "a hot shot award" when we answered a particularly tough question. After 5 years in his class I finally earned one. I was so proud I thought I'd never forget the question. Sad to say I have but it had to so with the space on the paper. The white space can sometimes be as telling as the writing to a graphologist. I do still have my "hot shot award" and am still proud that I finally made the grade.

As a cumulative thinker I learn things more slowly, cannot skip steps in a routine or pattern and learn faster by writing it out or actually doing what I am learning about. The upside is I retain it longer than the rest of you comprehensive or analytical thinkers. But if you ask a question I have to figure out exactly what is being asked before I get the answer. Kids who think like me can do good in school and bad on tests because it takes longer to do them. To do that extra step. That is one reason I so enjoy doing career day at school or the quickies like we do at the church fair because you give the teacher or parent some insight as to why the kids act like they do or have trouble with tests etc. More on this later when I intend to write about impulse control.

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