Monday, January 21, 2008

Loops again?

Yep, now we will look at loops in the lower zone. This is the unconscious, the physical, the sexual and material world. Letters going in the lower zone are supposed to have loops and these loops are supposed to be the same width as the area of the letter in the mid zone.
You guessed it, any difference between what should be and what is means a lot. For starters the lower loop should be the length of the upper loops showing a balance of zones or of the psyche. Extra long loops show a physical person who enjoys movement. They may participate in a sport, dance, cycle, or sometimes just fidget. When working or thinking they often pace the floor or doodle.
Can you guess what unfinished loops would indicate? That's right, they often do not carry through with ideas and projects. This makes them frustrated. A small tight circle on the lower zone belongs to the clannish person one who has few friends he trusts. They may not be anti-social but until they know you well you will not know them well.
As with the upper zone large loops show imagination until it becomes fantasy. A larger than average loop (the size of the mid zone) indicates a desire for creature comforts or worldly goods. There are other loops and missing loops but this is a general overview of the lower zone loops.

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