Thursday, January 3, 2008

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I think I am finally getting somewhere with the web site. At least I can link to it from here and to here from the web site. So funny because we all three are trying to do web sites. Steve for his car sales business, my daughter for her poetry. And all three of us are using different programs to build our sites and facing some of the same problems.
My writing about handwriting is going on my web pages right now but they limit the number of pages so soon I will put all my thoughts here again.
Over the years I have done several presentations for the Tucson chapter of AHAF (the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation) so may present them here. Who knows. Since our teacher Ron Laufer died in 1999 we have gone from weekly classes to monthly AHAF meetings and the Chapter has gone down hill. Not sure why but the IGAS people dropped out and then many of the older members quit driving at night, and I admit it was a long drive home for some of them. Anyway we are down to around 16 members so if 8 to 10 make the meeting its a crowd. We worked on a project as a chapter last year that made no real sense but the research was fun. Only had 2 really interesting presentations all year and frankly I am ready to drop out myself. Been swearing for 3 years now this was my last and this time I think I mean it.
I truly miss the lessons because we were encouraged to give our input, we played silly games that related to graphology terms, did mock trials and of course tried our darndest to win that "hot shot award".
Some of our presentations were lessons in themselves. A former teacher challenged us to match her children with their handwriting. What made it such a challenge was we had info on more students than we had writings. So it wasn't as if we could get them right by sheer luck. To top this all of her students had problems ranging from tourettes to parents in jail for killing the other parent. She also had their tree, house, family drawings and these proved very interesting as well. No problem picking the prissy little southern belle's drawing as it showed a girl on a swing in the front yard in a long gown and crown of curls. Or the sadness of the little girl who drew herself and her teacher as family.
Another of our presentations has been on tree drawings obtained along with the handwritings from their collection of samples. Now I have to say, my drawing of a tree is very childish as I have trouble drawing a straight line with a ruler but some of theirs are so detailed! The wildest one of all was this small tree in the middle of a page with some squiggles or roots inside the top. Very strange tree...turns out the girl was pregnant, very immature and not sure who the father was.
But my very favorite presentation was in 3 parts and done on Tombstone Az. My friend Lynn Monroy did a very thorough job on the Earps, the Clantons and the gunfight at the OK Corral. She developed it for use on cruise ships so told us it was not really for graphologists but she had handwriting from Wyatt both at that time period and in later life. For Doc Holliday plus a lot of information on Doc. We found the county recorder did a lot of writing for the men who did not know how to write and learned at that time the territory of Arizona was mostly populated by the cowboys and the outlaws or rustlers though sometimes the differences were hard to tell. It's amazing how Hollywood changed the ages and images of the real people.

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