Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened

In Ron's handwriting classes we were encouraged to bring samples, everyone would toss out their observations and opinions, then whoever brought the sample would tell us what they knew about the person. Having recently visited my brother who was an incomplete quad I submitted his writing. Right away he was identified as having a neurological as well as muscular problems. His writing otherwise was very well analyzed so I revealed his trouble. He fell and broke his neck at the C-4 vertebrae. It left him with no feeling from the neck down though he could walk with a walker to stabilize himself but his hands were almost claws with the use of one or two fingers and his thumbs. However, he could barely use his arms. The elbows remained bent and his arms could not be lifted even half way to shoulder level. I used his real name Alfred Kabisch and a couple in the class exclaimed "we know a Fritz Kabisch!" I said "yes that's how everyone knows him". Well, it turns out they had been friends with Fritz and his wife Vickie, in fact, I had actually met them about 15 years earlier at their wedding. Here we had been in class together for about 3 years and never knew we had a connection.

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