Friday, January 18, 2008

More on loops

Loops can be very informative. A large loop on a capital belongs to a person willing to take on responsibility. Indeed they may search out causes to embrace. If however, the loop does not close responsibility may have been forced upon them so while they may handle it well it is not willingly. Usually though, the loops we look for are found on the lower case letters.
When found on the left side of the oval letters (a, d, g, and o) graphologists call this intentional deceit because it is deceit of the self. These people do not relish facing things. Like Scarlet O'Hara they think they will take care of things tomorrow and we all know tomorrow never comes. Sometimes these loops get so big the oval part of the letter is or is nearly doubled. Writers who do this talk around their troubles or perceived troubles. They drop hints so obscure you might miss it entirely or tell their friends or family what is upsetting them in hopes whoever they tell will blab to the person they have a grievence against. This is very passive/agressive but they hate direct confrontation unless there is no other option.
Now there can also be a loop at the top of the o. If the o is closed by just one side touching the other it indicates a person who can hold their tongue and while they may talk can be selective about what they say. If the o is tied like a sack with a little loop the writer can really hang on to secrets.

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