Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doodle tests

So late I wasn't going to write tonight but can't sleep so here goes. The tree, house, family drawing, a doodle test or a tree drawing are psychological tests that like a quickie give a quick insight into a person's personality. I told this to a secretary for the Postal Inspectors once and she went back through her shorthand books of notes she had taken on phone calls and she was amazed. She came back to say she could tell if she was secretive, angry, bored or whatever by the doodles she made while on the phone.
Teachers often do the tree, house, family for grade school children especially problem children. Those whose family life may not be all that good. And in a group the doodle test which consists of about 10 squares with some marks in them. You finish the drawing and then we give you the answers to the test. It's one of those we all hate where they tell you there is no wrong answer. But in a group who fairly well know each other it can be fun. Most people will have the same type of drawing but there is usually one or two who are more detailed or just different.
I once gave a group of five people a 4" by 4" post-it note and asked for a tree, house drawing and what fun. One had a plain tree with a puffy top that did not cut across the tree trunk and never did a house said there was no room. Two did puffy topped trees that did cut across the trunk and one put a bird nest in the top. One had a house that looked like the garage was half torn down and we just saw the top of the tree above the house. However, the last was amazing. This one had a mountain in the background with an eagle in the sky. In the foreground was a smaller mountain with a cabin and on the porch was a rocking chair. The steps of the cabin went down to a dock where a dog was barking at a man fishing in a boat. The tree was a fir tree. I could not believe this gal got all that on that little page, in such detail and she didn't take any longer that the rest of the group.
I don't often use doodle tests but this one was such a surprise. I'm glad I did it this time.


Praveen said...

Hi, I am very much ambitions person. I want to grow to the limit of sky in business. May I know what can be the idle alphabet style is suitable for me?

hwexpert said...

Your question really does not concern doodles and as for recommending an alphabet style that is not possible here. I would have to see your normal writing, analyze your personality and them possibly make recommendations on changes. We all write to suit our needs for concealment, protection etc and jumping into making changes can be very upsetting and dangerous if not done slowly and properly. To expose a vulnerability can make the writer fearful, to take away a self-protection make them anxious or hysterical and much more so don't let anyone tell you to change more than 1 thing in a writing within 30 days. But I will tell you a legible writing is good and conveys openess and honesty and cursive is good because it shows you can connect your thoughts. Downhill writing indicates tiredness or depression and uphill writing optimism.

Ruchita Mahimkar. said...

I always doodle Words,I barely draw anything.. Wad does that means?

hwexpert said...

I am not an expert on doodles and the few books I have on them don't say much about words being doodles per se. In the case of words as a doodle attention has to be paid to how the words are ceated, what you were doing at the time and what the words say. Doodles can show the positive or negative side of the personality as it is the sub-conscious in action. Sorry this is probably not much help.

Ruchita Mahimkar. said...

I keep on writing names,my friends name's.. Lyrics of my favorite song.. Or so.
Well,that's not your field,so wont bother you much.
Thanks :)