Thursday, January 17, 2008


Loops occur on upper and lower zone letters and the size of the loop shows the amount of thought or imagination that goes into that area. Loops out of place are an indication of anxiety. A loop on the small t which is supposed to be retraced is an indication of a fear of failure or anxiety that someone is critical of them. A loop on the d which is also supposed to be retraced is a fear of ridicule or anxiety of others criticizing their person in some way, looks, dress, actions etc. The loops on the l show the imagination of the writer. The larger the loop the more the imagination until it becomes fantasy. On the h which is the spiritual letter the size of the loop shows the writers openness to religion and philosophy. Once again the f because it fits into all zones is treated a little differently. If the upper loop is larger the writer is more of a planner the idea man. If the lower loop is larger the writer is the one who will see that jobs, projects etc are carried out.
In the lower zone loops should be the same width as the mid-zone of the letter. It may be missing which will tell us something we will discuss later but if it is larger, again, there is a lot of imagination that has to do with the physical, sexual and material side of life.
Loops found anywhere else are a form of anxiety. These people are the worriers and when you tell them they worry too much they will normally agree completely.

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