Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is handwriting analysis universal?

This past year I have had a chance to work with a lady in India as well as a gentleman in Indonesia who are fairly new to graphology. So I can say from experience this has held true. I had a chance to cruise as a guest-lecturer one spring and was worried about running into foreign writing and if I could correctly interpret it. Luckily I did not run into any at that time but after working with these graphologists I have seen first hand that the rules do work even for foreign writing as long as it is based on the Latin alphabet.
The writing in other countries may have more upright slants but this is becoming true in the USA as well. As people print more than they use cursive the whole world is becoming a place of disconnection to one another. People try to hide their feelings in an effort to not be hurt or hide themselves in work often shutting out family as well as the world.
My great grand daughter's school has a big sheet hung in the hall and each year all of the children and teacher's write their names upon it. I love looking it over as you see the personality of so many of the children just in the placement of the name. There is Victorio whose parents have made practice his handwriting so it is very clear and legible but to be different he wrote in such a way his name is upside down. Or Elizabeth who managed to be near the very center of the sheet. She's the one who wants to be a rock star and the center of attention. Then there is timid little Karrie Ann who signed in the corner. So even with this big sheet you get a feel for how placement of your writing on a page can say a lot about your personality.