Thursday, May 13, 2010

Historical writings

Went to an AHAF meeting tonight to see a presentation by Lynn Monroy. Being from Sioux City Iowa she had grown up with the stories of Lewis and Clark and the only man in their unit who died on their two year trek to find a passage to the Pacific across the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. One reason she had started her project was the fact that the journal of Sargent Charles Floyd had been found after 91 years.
Sgt. Floyd was a healthy, strong 20 year old at the start of the trip in May, one of nine young men chosen to accompany Lewis and Clark. The two Sargent's with the unit were charged with journaling the journey. Sgt Floyd started his journal in May a bit tentatively but as time went on you could see he gained confidence in being able to handle his responsibilities but in July he became ill and his writing disintegrated. It is possible to see from the writing the days he felt better as well as the days he truly struggled through the day and in Aug. he suddenly died apparently of appendicitis.
After her presentation Lynn shared with us a project she is working on for her family using family photos and cards, letters and various writing from each person to build a story of their life for the grand children. This will be a great legacy for the children and I know from letters I found after my parents died how much you can learn about the people from the past who had a hand in shaping your parents and their parents through the handwriting.