Monday, January 7, 2008

What is a "Quickie"?

A "quickie" is the type of analysis done to intrigue someone, to entertain, or at a low price for a fund raiser. You are given a paper or large index card and asked to write a silly sentence which contains a variety of letters or whatever you want to write as long as it is 3 or 4 lines in length, which hopefully will give the same variety. Then I check the margins or where you started to write, the slant of the writing, if it is printed, cursive, or printscript which is a mixture. Next I check the line of writing or baseline to see if it rises, is rigidly straight, goes up or drops. While doing this I check for the connections between the letters. There are 6 types of connectors but mainly 3 are used by the majority of people. Also I feel the back of the paper or card to see how hard you pressed when doing the sentences. All of this before I even get to the writing! There is even more I would check if this were a full analysis. Are you getting a feel for why it takes so long to become a good graphologist?
Finally to the writing. I see how it compares to copybook or school form writing, I check the letters which pertain to the self, check the size of loops on the letters, look for loops where there should be none, the size and shape of the oval letters like the a,d, g, and o, I look at where the t is crossed, to see if one part of the writing is exaggerated, are i dots or punctuation missing. Out of all of this I quickly pick out three to five things I can tell you about yourself. Even if you think I might be wrong if you are with a friend or family they will tell you I am right.

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