Thursday, January 10, 2008

Signatures - Do you analyze them or not?

Normally we do not analyze just a signature without other writing because the signature is the way you want the world to see you and not necessarily how you really are. I know of a reporter who writes so large there are barely 3 or 4 words on each line used. Also it does not stay between the lines but is very large writing. The signature? So tiny and controlled the two don't look like they could belong to the same person.
Often people will give an analyst just a signature and want to know what it shows. Well surprise, surprise if it is more a scrawl than words then I tell then
1. You probably have to sign so many papers you just scribble.
2. Based on your signature you don't care if people can read your writing or not.
3. You do not want to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong.
They may be taken back by this so then I explain how the signature is the picture you present to the world.

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