Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The baseline or line of writing is the line of reality. If there is a little bounce in the writing it is ok. A writer who feels the need to use lined paper has a need of control of their environment. They are perfectionists who can be hard to live with if you don't follow their rules. "A place for everything and everything in it's place". Even if they used unlined paper, which will make them uncomfortable, their writing will look like it was done along a ruler.
Baselines can vary quite a bit, some people write uphill, especially if the paper is unlined. These are the optimistic people who see the glass as half full. If the writing goes downhill the writer may be tired or depressed. Go for tired unless there are other sign of depression. Children who write crashing into the right side of the page and finish their sentence writing along the edge of the page do not learn from their mistakes. Teachers sould tell the child to not write on the last inch of the paper using some grapho-therapy to teach them to plan ahead. But if an adult does this they have real problems. Writing that starts on the baseline and the end of words fly off the base shows the writer has trouble keeping their feet on the ground. I have seen some that each word has to be brought back to the baseline and it happens again. Maybe they are just excited about what they are expressing in the writing but it could be they are the person who cannot sit still, always fidgeting. When checking a baseline we draw a pencil line with a ruler using the first and last letter of the sentence. Some graphologists also check the baseline of each word but by using the first and last word you get the sentence baseline. If the line of writing goes over and under the line it is called a sinuous baseline and indicates a person who kind of snakes through life. These make good con men. If a baseline along with other factors indicate depression and then the writing starts to go uphill they are not necessarily getting better but have made their decision to end it all. If they are also giving away possessions and contacting old friends notify somebody, parents, spouse, or their doctor.

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