Friday, January 11, 2008

More on signatures

Signatures that match the rest of the writing show a what you see is what you get person. When analyzing the whole writing you may find bad things about them. To use an old-fashioned word they may be a scalawag be totally out for themselves but the point is they don't try to make you think they are something they are not by their signature.
When the signature is vastly different from the writing that is a big red flag to check the writing and learn why. An upright slant to the writing but a right slant to the signature shows the writer wants you to see him as friendly and outgoing but really all of his decisions and deals will be made to his benefit. His head rules not his emotions. Conversely a right slant of more than 15 degrees right in the writing and an upright signature indicates the writer wants you to see him as cool and judgemental but in truth they are more friendly and sympathetic. What about the person with very large capital letters? They want you to see them as confident and capable but if they are flourished as well they may be trying to bluff. As the saying goes "dazzle you with diamonds and baffle you with bullshit". The writer with one name larger than the other by which I mean the capital is just a bit larger or more elaborate in some way or both names have the same amount of letter but one is larger shows a preference for that name. This will show you if you should address them informally or as Mr XYZ.
This is why we try never to do just signatures. If pinned down and they don't like your analysis just tell them that to get a true analysis they need to hire you to do a complete analysis.

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