Monday, January 28, 2008

My next book

As I mentioned in an earlier blog I have an idea for a new book but it is really turning out to be a hard one to write.When you start to study graphology or handwriting analysis you are given a list of traits and told all the positive and negatives for each trait. Then you are told to stack the traits to see how one will effect another. For example if a person has low self esteem and is timid will they be as likely to get violent as a person with a lot of determination and anger. Well this never helped me all that much because we all know that if a person feels trapped even a timid one can react strongly or even violently. Also if the person with determination has good self control they may not react with violence even though they will hang on to their anger for a long time.
But each trait can fall into the catagory of a fear, defense, resistance, or escape and I am examining each of these to how it would be manifested in each catagory. Not an easy job as I am quickly learning. Some traits easily can be fit into the catagory of a fear or defense or of a resistance or escape. Others not so easily I am starting to think I will have to show the reaction of the trait and how you will see that in the writing. A lot to think about and to work on so this will take me quite awhile. Graphology is such a learning experience.

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