Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh boy

Just looked at the calendar. I didn't stay for the whole party earlier this month that our handwriting group held. Not being there to object I was elected to do a presentation on my book "The Alphabet Speaks" on Feb 14th. Having had no intention of doing any presentations, now I have two weeks to find time to write up an hours worth of something. I did my first monograph on traits and the signs that indicate that trait. So I guess I can go into how I happened to finish that, then how our AHAf chapter worked on researching the beginnings of the alphabet just about the time I was finishing up on my second work "The Alphabet Speaks". Then I will do a plug for my next attempt at defining the fears, defenses, resistances and escapes found in writing. I have a short list in both books but I think this will take me a long time to do as thoroughly as I want. So I better get busy and work on that presentation. Maybe I can do a PowerPoint on some of the pages as a show and tell and hope some more people will buy the book.

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