Sunday, February 3, 2008

Was I right or wrong?

Recently heard from a blogger (Logtar) and analyzed his handwriting and his wife's. He and his fellow bloggers had an issue with my saying he needs space to unwind and regroup. They all say he is 24/7 into interaction and input. Well this is his way of going into his own "little world". He is actually alone but not disconnected. I bet he has trouble turning off his mind to sleep with all of that input. Now I am waiting to hear what his wife says about her analysis.
My son-in-law who never had much interest in video games has recently started playing on-line and he is running into this problem. He has met people of all ages and from many places but he is not getting his rest as needed. Had a 3 day weekend and by Mon when he had to go to work again looked like he had a bad hang-over when it was just lack of sleep. I know I have learned not to play on pogo just before bed or I even play in my sleep. My solution has become to watch a home improvement show just before switching off the lights. Nothing exciting and I learn something then switch off the light and watch my starry ceiling (my part-time business) and in minutes I am out for the night. Grapho-therapy would work but I prefer my stars.


logtar said...

Surprisingly enough, I have no trouble sleeping after a day of super input. I do have trouble sleeping if I did not finish something at work or if I have any issue with no clear resolution.

I think you are right. I do need some calm in my life and to be alone with my thoughts and limited input. The whole input thing as well as the rest of the analysis has been our topic of discussion this past week.

It certainly put a lot in perspective for my wife and I. This is a really useful tool.

hwexpert said...

If you feel you have no trouble sleeping let me ask do you awake feeling as if you worked all night? Because your mind did. Many truly brilliant people say they got their best solutions to problems in their sleep.