Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why are some analyses so general?

Most of the time we do not work with the writing of criminals so we keep our comments, especially doing a quickie, to general things. That is why so many people think handwriting analysis is a trick or like astrology too general to trust. In doing a quickie, which is what is done for entertainment at parties, for fund raisers, or maybe as a "filler" at an event, the 3 to 5 traits that stand out most or anything unusual are addressed.
Now especially in a room full of say doctors most of the traits will be alike because they are in the same profession. Once in awhile though that one person comes up whose writing is so different you ask "why are you in this profession". I recently was asked to analyze a scientists writing that was in that catagory. This man had the soul of a poet and from his writing it must have been an ordeal to work in his field.
My grandfather was so good at baseball he was asked to play in the major leagues when they were first being formed but his father insisted he aprentice to a machinest. He died a machinest and never forgave his father for taking away his dream. Maybe something like that had happened to this scientist. It was expected that he follow in his fathers footsteps so like it or not he did but it had to be a daily battle.

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