Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Web sites arggghhh

Trying to set up a web site and they don't make it easy. Like most instructions for anything computer related the powers that be seem to think you know something about what you are trying to do. As for me I need to be told where the on and off switch is to be found and maybe the plug. I took a computer class once and the first thing the teacher said was a computer is retarded. You not only have to tell it what to do but how to do it. So you wouldn't say walk 5 paces turn around and come back but have to tell it to lift the right foot, move it forward so many inches, put it down. Now shift your weight to the right foot, raise the left foot and move it so many inches, put it down etc etc until it completed the task. Well that is me trying to do a web page. Don't give me intuitive because that doesn't mean a thing give me explicit instructions. In fact if a program looks interesting and the designer claims it to be intuitive I probably won't buy it because I will have such a hard time figuring it out. Anyway bounce on over to and check out what I have finally accomplished.

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