Sunday, December 30, 2007

I quite like using fonts that look more like writing than printing and really wish more people did the same. Fonts should reflect your personality and mood just as your handwriting does. There is even software available that will try to duplicate your own writing but as these are done on a form they may not reflect your actual slant and, of course, will not reflect your mood at the time of the writing. For that the graphologist will have to rely on the content of the writing and then you receive a content analysis and not a true graphological analysis.
Content analysis is another subject that can be quite facinating as it is a form of profiling based on how a statement is worded. One of the reasons the Jon-Benet Ramsey note was thought to have been written by Patsy Ramsey were the changes through the long, long note that went from Mr Ramsey to John. The tone became its all your fault, John, now handle it!
In one class I attended we were given the statements of the people involved in a convenience store robbery. The included the manager, the clerk, the suspect, and the persons providing the alibi for the suspect. My conclusion was they all lied. Once everyone gave their reasons for their decision we were given the facts of the case. Turned out the suspect was guilty and they were all tripped up by the one naive person lying to be accepted as a part of their group. But the manager also lied and stole even more money than the robber did. He was hoping the police wouldn't question the difference in the amount reported stolen and the amount they actually found still on the suspect. Unfortunately for him they were caught before there was time to spend any of the money.

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