Thursday, December 27, 2007

Handwriting and what it shows

My graphology teacher often said once you start studying graphology you never look at handwriting the same again. Oh how true that was, I find myself analyzing any scrap of handwriting I see from the note on the lunch tab to the signature on a credit card offer.
I like to take my time and see what is there and then how the traits mitigate each other. So if someone thrusts their writing in front on my face and demands I tell them about themselves I may draw a blank. Also I do not go into detail about their relationship with their parents or with their children. For one reason that these relationships also depend upon the other person's writing and how they will react to interchanges between the two of them. I can only say how the person is according to their writing.
My absolute pet peeve tho' is the way handwriting is or, just as often, is not taught in school. All of those slinky looking traveling circles and push me pull yous were taught for control as much as to learn to write properly. Then, too, the style of writing had subconscious messages as well. When you closed the oval or circle of a's, d's, g's, and o's you were also learning to close the mouth and not speak out of turn in class. When you made nicely open looped e's it was to learn to listen and pay attention in class. Certain letters pertain to the self, others to communication, to goals etc.
Some countries are pushing printing and, unfortunately, in some parts of the USA the use of word processors or computers as they are more legible to the teachers some of whom can barely write cursive. Printing also seperates people from their emotions or feelings. Actually it is not faster because of all of the starts and stops and, believe me, is not always more legible. It was hoped, that with all of the fonts available on the computer, that people would chose the font that suited their taste and personality but, again, teachers don't always want to deal with odd fonts so will insist on the ariel or times roman usually set as the default font.

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