Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Graphology and the candidates

Our group the Tucson Chapter of The American Handwriting Analysts Foundation plans to look at the candidates signatures at the March meeting. When the candidates first started campaigning one of the Eastern newspaper reporters wondered in his column what graphologists would say about them. I sent him my comments on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Mc Cain not knowing they would be the only ones campaigning before long. I missed seeing Mitt Romney's writing and do not remember if I said anything about Huckabee or Edwards writing. I really would like to have more than just a signature because there is some bearing on what was signed and how it is signed. For example, Mc Cain's signature was on two lines and both written uphill so it appeared to be an autograph rather than a normal signature while Hillary's was on a line as if it was a form being signed. This can also affect the signature to a small extent as she may have been trying to stay within a set space. While Obama's definitely showed his Arabic background unfortunately I have nothing else to compare to his signature. Some analyst's tell you the signature has the greatest importance as this is the face you present to the world but I still prefer to have both the signature and writing as well. When you have both then you know if the writer really is how they present themselves to the world. Some people are totally different from what their signature represents though the majority I have seen are the same. So far I have only seen one writing that was so large the writer only got three or four words across the page while the whole signature took up the space of one word. So he wanted to be seen as controlled, focused meek and analytical when he was ambitious, pushy and often rude to others.

The fun part of looking at politicians handwriting is how do you say what you see diplomaticly and do you go over everything you find. Maybe I did see Romney's signature because I remember two of the signatures were illegible and Huckabee's first name was so illegible I had to look up his name and then Huckabee became a mere thread. As we all understand the things that make a good diplomat and politian also make a good con-man.

Hillary very much wants to be known as a woman in her own right, capable, determined, and well qualified. While she would be happiest if she could run on her own without help or interferrence from her husband she realizes that is impossible so she will profit in any way possible from her experiences in the White House. She is determined and direct to the point of bluntness. Needs someone to handle the small details she finds iritating and keeps most people from getting too close.

Obama's signature definately shows he was Arabic taught. Not knowing the copybook form for Arabic I am somewhat at a disadvantage but again there is threading which slurs the forms. Any threading is an indication of not wanting to be pinned down, to escape responsibility when things go wrong, to hide the personal self, and of course speed of thought and action. He could be very creative in his dealings with others.

McCain's signature was an autograph so he may not be as up beat and optimistic as it appears. He, however, has great focus. With only eight letters of the alphabet to work with I can say he is able to keep secrets his own as well as our countries. He pays attention to details, has a lot of mental activity and a wry sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

utter nonsense.

hwexpert said...

Now that time has passed re-read my comments and you will see how accurate they were. Especially on Obama not wanting to take responsibility as he still blames Bush for everything bad. As for Hillary she is direct and determined and with a few exceptions has done a great job in her office.

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