Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fears & Defences

It is being much harder to write on the fears and defences found in handwriting than I expected. This is a very complex idea in the first place and each of us will react differently to the same situation based on our individual personalities. How we have learned to handle our fears, if we are insecure, if we are rebellious and enjoy challenging authority, if we are loners trusting few or none, and so many more factors.
I had hoped to find a way to use my trait directory's list of personality traits and then determined if each was a fear, defence, resistance, or escape. This idea won't work though because many can be placed in each category depending upon other factors in the writing.
So a fear of failure may make one person give up and do nothing much with their life, another turn to their mental abilities to hide themselves in work, while still another might fail at a half dozen things they try but put forth such energy they still find several to succeed at and become rich or famous. We are after all a mix of often conflicting traits and how we respond to them and the ones we use most distinguish just who and what we are.
While I won't give up on the idea of somehow trying to make this easier to understand it won't be any time soon.

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