Thursday, July 24, 2008

My speaking engagement

Recently I was asked to do a class for a group of singles. Of course, what they really wanted was to find out about themselves through their writing. This group was an older group with some widows and widowers and really balanced people. One had a learning disability which she shared with the group and when I mentioned having done the writing, on a cruise, of a man with essential tremors another lady said she suffered from them as well.
One of the men told us before his wife would date him she insisted on getting his handwriting. He laughed and said he must have passed because they had many happy years together before she died.
Only one person had a totally illegible signature and wanted to know what that indicated. I told her it could be that she signed a lot of papers so just didn't take the time to make it legible. But it can also mean not wanting to take responsibility for the work. The bad part about an illegible signature is that in a business it becomes recognized and everyone knows who it is anyway.
Luckily there was enough variety in this group to cover a lot of information. We did everything from thinking styles to the air strokes that lightly show on the paper. One person said she did the capital I Roman style and sometimes the air stroke squiggled across the I stem. I told her this is considered one (but more have to be present) sign of suicide. But that I have found it most often means at the time of the writing the writer was setting aside his or her desires for those of another. She agreed that was quite possible as she has many demands upon her time.
Since it was originally booked as a class I had done hand-outs on graphology that represented a crash course so I hope they are intrigued enough to ask me back again. One thing for sure a 1 and a 1/2 hr talk ended up being over 2 hrs with all the questions so I think they had a good time.


shweta baravani said...

though i dont know much about graphonomy..
whenever i come across a person's handwriting an impression definitely gets created in my head...

hwexpert said...

Most people do use graphology to some extent because we do gain impressions about a person when we see their handwriting. You may feel they are not trustworthy, or they are uneducated, or sneaky. But actual analysis goes much further.