Sunday, January 18, 2009


There are ten clues to what a person is like that you should pay attention to when entering a relationship be it personal or business. I will give you five of them today.
1. Jealousy or envy - two sides of the same coin. Envy shows best on the letter c when it starts with a tiny circle. While jealousy shows mainly in a tight circle on the lower loops of the letters g, j, y. This is also considered to be a clannish person who has few close friends but that is because they do not trust others. Are jealous of what others have and fearful of losing what they have. They do not share.
2. Dual personality - the slant of the writing changes even within a word. Their mood can change in a heartbeat. They are insecure so always on the defensive and quick to take offence at little or nothing but an imagined slight.
3. Excessively sensitive - this is shown in looped T's and D's. The bigger the loop the bigger the sensitivity. If the loop also leans to the left they can become paranoid and if it leans to the right be manic and out of control.
4. Hot temper - quick to lash out at others be it physically or verbally. This is seen in slashed i dots and punctuation and in t bars starting at or right of the stem. If it narrows to a point like a javelin they will be sarcastic and cutting. If it ends with a club like thickness they may get physical when mad.
5. Domineering - this shows in downward drawn t bars. If the bar ends in a point they are very sarcastic but more likely to be a whiner while if it ends with a thick, solid look they are the ones who can become physical.
We all may have some of these ten traits because we are human with all sorts of emotions and problems. It is when too many show up in the same writing or in excess that you should be aware there will be a rocky road in the relationship and maybe you should keep on looking.


Marie DeVries said...

Very interesting! what are the other five clues to a person's feelings/ tenancies that can show up in writing? Does this apply to print and cursive alike?

hwexpert said...
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hwexpert said...

Sometime later I will go into detail but the other traits are low self esteem, prevarication, resentment, fear of success, and paranoia. Yes printing will show these traits but in slightly different ways. The first thing you know about a printer is they do not want you to see their vulnerabilities so they are trying to hide their emotions.

Marie DeVries said...

okay, I'll keep a lookout!

interesting... thanks!