Thursday, February 4, 2010

Verifying a writing

Last year I was asked to help verify a historical document and was given a page of the document along with 4 pages of the person it was hoped wrote the document. The person asking for the verification had done some of the work trying to prove his case but not enough. There are some letters similar in both writings but they may have been copybook at that time period. To make comparison even harder the questioned document was on parchment, written probably with a quill instead of a pen, and the writing was done smaller. After much work I concluded the document was not written by the person we hoped and gave my reasons for this conclusion. But I sure would like to learn who actually did write the document.


Marie DeVries said...

I linked to you on my blog!

hwexpert said...

Thank you Marie. If you have any specific questions please send them and maybe it will generate a new addition to my blog.

Marie DeVries said...

I actually do have a question... how differently do you analyze handwriting by a left handed person? Is it the same? Do you determine their baseline differently because they place the paper differently?

Anita Haldar said...


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Thanks For Sharing.

hwexpert said...

So sorry I did not get back to you on this question but life got so hectic I really have not blogged in a long time.
The answer is that you analyze a leftie's writing pretty much the same because people turn their paper to get the slant they prefer so the baseline should be the same. One exception to this is of course if they are writing in a notebook or on spiral bound paper because the binding is in their way. That is one reason we ask for a writing on unlined sheet paper as there are no obstacles.
There are a few things a left handed person will do differently like make the t crossing right to left and if a right handed person did this it would be a move to the past, mother, security or family but nless other signs show up of a need for these things I would not count it. Also some will make their o comging along the bottom instead of arcading to the top and then making the o. I have also found this in the writing of those with some type of learning problem, ADD, ADHD, and lefties who have had to come up with their own solutions in a right handed world. And this is what I tell them that they think outside the box to find solutions that fit their problems.