Friday, July 16, 2010


It's been quite awhile since I last wrote on my blog so I have decided to address one component of writing Loops.
Loops are important an component in your writing. Any loops out of place (such as at the bottom of the lines forming the m or on the first part of a cursive y) are called worry loops. My mother's writing had so many loops I once told her "you would worry if you thought you had nothing to worry about".
Loops in the upper zone (above the writing that sits on the baseline) indicates imagination. This can mean fantasy, daydreams, unique ideas, or interest in many philosophies and ideas. Depending upon which letter the loop is part of it can also indicate being fearful, being too open to the influence of others, or of being paranoid or manic.
Loops dropping below the baseline are going into the sub-conscious where they can indicate sexual fantasy, desire for physical activity, a love of art, color and textures, or a desire for material possessions. Incomplete loops here often indicate frustration, thin loops a lack of trust, small loops show clannishness and lack of a loop altogether show determination and a desire to go forward.
Odd, damaged or twisted loops also have meaning but these must be carefully considered according to which area of the writing occurs.

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